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Attention Training System

An Effective Non-Medical Treatment For The Inattentive Child

  • Delivers unobtrusive but effective feedback about behavior.
  • Functions during regular classroom activities.
  • Circumvents the problem of treatment generalization.
  • Can be as effective as stimulant medication in increasing attentiveness to academic tasks.
  • One Teacher Module can control up to four Modules.
  • Battery operated and sturdy enough to withstand even the most impulsive student
  • Help For The Inattentive Child!

    Based upon state-of-the-art concepts for effective non-medical treatment of attention deficits, the ATS requires the child to attend to school work in order to earn points. A small electronic counter placed on the student's desk automatically awards a point every sixty seconds. If the child wanders off task the teacher, by remote control, can deduct points and activate a red light on the Student Module. Without having to run around the room to administer tokens or offer continuous praise, the teacher can unobtrusively provide structure and feedback to the inattentive child.

    The ATS was originally developed by Mark Rapport, Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii. In a series of studies the response cost paradigm has been shown to be as effective as stimulant medication in raising levels of on-task behavior and in improving academic performance. The ATS can also be used in combination with drug therapy.

    The ATS circumvents the bane of most other training programs: generalization of treatment effects. Because it functions within the context of everyday classroom activities, the ATS approach does not require the child to be removed for special training sessions of uncertain relevance.

    One Teacher Module can control up to four Student Modules within a classroom. All units are battery operated, ruggedly constructed and covered by a one-year warranty.

    ATS includes One Teacher Module, One Student Module, Instruction Manual and one-year warranty.

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