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My Brother's a World Class Pain

By Michael Gordon, Ph.D.

Finally a book for the oft-forgotten group of those affected by ADHD: the brothers and sisters of ADHD children. While they frequently  bear the brunt of the ADHD child's impulsiveness and distractibility, siblings usually are not afforded opportunities to understand the nature of the problem and to have their own feelings and thoughts addressed. 

This story about an older sister's efforts to deal with her active and impulsive brother sends the clear message to siblings of the ADHD child that they can play an important role in a family's quest for change.

What our readers say:

"Awesome! It really helped me understand."
Sean D.
Age 10

"Should be required reading for every family with an ADHD child."
Ruth C. Burton, M.D.

"An absolutely perfect story."
Kristen W.
Age 14


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