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Down & Dirty Guide

By Michael Gordon, Ph.D. &
F. Daniel McClure, Ph.D.

Here's a book about Adult ADD that is immensely entertaining, informative, and uncomplicated. Drs. Gordon and McClure spare no effort or humor in clearly describing concepts essential to understanding how this disorder is best identified and treated. You'll find a refreshing absence of jargon and an abundance of common sense, practical advice, and healthy skepticism. This fine brew of scientific evidence and clinical wisdom is so cleverly presented that even the most inattentive reader will breeze through its pages

What our readers say:

"This book is a must for all adults who have or who think they might have ADD. This is truly a consumer's guide that takes you each step of the way, from evaluation to treatment."
Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D.
Counseling Care Center

Gordon and McClure have really done it now! This entertaining, informative guide to understanding, identifying, and coping with Adult ADD outpaces the competition by a wide margin. It informs without making the reader feel lazy, stupid, or crazy."
Arthur L. Robin, Ph.D.
Wayne State University School of Medicine

"It clarifies many myths and misunderstandings. Adults will find Its irreverent, 'tell it-like-it-is' style appealing."
Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D.
Director, Chesapeake Psychological Services Bethesda, MD

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