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Diagonsis & Treatment of ADHD

By Michael Gordon, Ph.D. & Martin Irwin, M.D.
SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse

  • Sensible strategies designed for a busy practice
  • Clear diagnostic algorithms
  • Medication protocols & patient instruction sheets
  • A complete 'how to' kit of forms, letters, and rating scales
  • A companion computer disk containing all relevant documents
  • Practical and cost-effective advice for managing preschoolers to adults

Although primary care physicians are inundated with demands to handle ADHD referrals, their supply of relevant resources, texts, and training programs has been thin. This book provides a no-frills, highly practical set of strategies carefully tailored to fit the realities of modern-day medical practice. Physicians will find clear algorithms to aid in making the full range of clinical decisions: "When should I refer out?" "What are the logistics of assessment?" "What about medication?" "How do I deal with schools?" The authors were so focused on practicality that they even included a computer disk containing word-processing files of all the relevant questionnaires, letters, and consent documents!

Chapter   1: Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Childhood Psychopathology
Chapter   2: What Should be Banging Around Your Brain While You're Conducting an ADHD Evaluation
Chapter   3: Down to the Nitty Gritty
Chapter   4: General Treatment Considerations and the Management of Medications
Chapter   5: Nonmedical Interventions for School & Home
Chapter   6: Forms and Letters
Chapter   7: Resources

What professionals say:

"A gold mine of information from beginning to end, this book is just what primary care physicians need to manage ADHD. The authors have done a wonderful job anticipating the questions and concerns that inevitably arise when dealing with this disorder."

Robert M. Corwin, M.D.
Pediatric Associates Camillus, New York

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